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Ashui Tsuyu - My Hero Academia by bcnyArt
by bcnyArt

I just came across this looking for content related to My Hero Academia because today's the first I heard of the series. However, I hav...

Mega Man Transformers - Roll by NewEraOutlaw

Transformers X Megaman is a very good concept 'primed' (I am not sorry) for a lot crossover. First off Lineart- I kinda see that It's a...

Peridot Collab WIP by PTbuttertako

Your Peridot drawing is good but unfortunately that's all I can say about it. Her hands and especially her fingers feel very disproport...

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I feel pretty good about myself at this point. I do hope u guys continue to like what I have and will have in the future. Also, feel free to leave comments because .... that's what the internet is for....

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Ristar Screen Capture SD (Sketchbook Def.) by ThatOtherGuy19
Ristar Screen Capture SD (Sketchbook Def.)
A Drawing of the 1995 Sega Genesis title 'Ristar'. The game's titled character was supposed to be mascot before Sonic. Before that, it was Alex Kidd.
The 505th Catch by ThatOtherGuy19
The 505th Catch
As of this time, I've played Version Y and have caught 505 different pokemon. (Seen 545) I felt I needed to mark the occassion because there's no way in kanto I can catch all 721 pokemon.
Disgaea- Worlds Apart by ThatOtherGuy19
Disgaea- Worlds Apart
Demon Vassal Etna and Angel "Pacifist" Flonne from the Disgaea series. This pair of lolis that never ceases to turn every situation they are involved in into an absolute riot. Flonne herself is the biggest offender of this (ironically) for her actions following disgaea 4.
The Adorkable Duo by ThatOtherGuy19
The Adorkable Duo
Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney games. I recently played through the First Ace Attorney game and is now currently ending the 2nd game: Justice for All. Who knew the 'trials and tribulations' of a defense attorney could be so interesting
Red and Blue and the Galaxy by ThatOtherGuy19
Red and Blue and the Galaxy
A piece I been meaning to at least finish a long time ago. Obviously If Sonic can rip off his Rival's shtick, then he might as well go planet trotting with him as well on his next adventure. Makes sense.
Narrator: "T.V... Yea that little box in your rooms that provide you hours of mindless entertainment by the push of a button, what do we REALLY know about it? Yea manufactured by and for humans, this little box can be summed up as a gateway drug that keeps you coming back for more and more "off the wall" viewing. Dramas, Comedies, Romances, Action/Adventures, they seem to be these fancy-looking, picture book encyclopedias with noise BUT.........what if I were to say that within that small box lies a "bigger box of opportunities", another reality I should say. "OH BUT Narrator, We've seen and heard this "another world" story many times before. What's the big whoop about what YOU have to say?!"  To you dear viewer, I SAY NAY, NAY to your prattling; I did not say it is exactly another world but instead reality, PAY ATTENTION!" 

My Dialogue needs improvement. I think I've fainted. 


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